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  • ZERO additional costs. Just use your phone

    No expensive hardware or software to buy
  • Be in control, ALWAYS

    Manage your trips and drivers with ease
  • Pay-per-use. SCALE without worries

    One low price per truck, per month

FieldSherpa is your choice, when:


Install and register FieldSherpa’s app on your field worker’s smartphone
Assign your jobs and its locations; send job plans to your field worker
Monitor field worker’s job status against your plan
Ensure proof of service, track job deviation alerts and send instructions to your field worker
Improve your productivity using FieldSherpa’s Business Intelligence, Real-time Tracking & Analytics


Asset Management

Location Monitoring

Location Awareness

Asset Trail

Resource Management

Trip Management

Job Planning

Route Optimization

Dynamic Routing



Driver/Field Worker


Driver/Field Worker

In-app Navigation

Dynamic Routing Alerts

Proof of Service

Utilization and Productivity


In-app Messages



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Photo by: Missy S Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/listenmissy/5087404401/
Photo by: Daniel Parks Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/parksdh/5227623068/
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Photo by: Stuart SeegerLink: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuseeger/97577796/
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About FieldSherpa

FieldSherpaTM was founded by two engineers who spent more than a decade of their careers in Logistics industry. With the wake of smartphone era and mobile apps, they got hooked on to the ideas and potentials of applying these technological advancements to provide Real-time Logistics Intelligence. They dreamed of building a simple yet comprehensive solution with enterprise level features, that is affordable for every business. That was the genesis of FieldSherpaTM.