FieldSherpa was designed by two experienced engineers, who understand the fleet and job management process from top to bottom. They know how difficult it is to manage jobs and resources in an ever changing environment. There are so many variables and very few controls.

FieldSherpa has many key features designed to manage as much of the field workers, resources and processes as possible.

The FieldSherpa app offers

Asset Management – Location Monitoring, Location Awareness, Asset Trail, Resource Management

FieldSherpa puts these powerful tools in the palm of your hand. FieldSherpa can follow and keep tabs on all facets of your operation, providing you and your managers and even your field workers with information they can use, in real time. With FieldSherpa you have the power that good information provides. The when and the where and even the who are easily tracked with the FieldSherpa application.

Trip Management – Job Planning, Route Optimization, Dynamic Routing

FieldSherpa replaces dispatch logs, maps, and static trip sheets. Now in one app, managers and field workers can plan routes, quickly re-route when there is traffic, an emergency, even a client cancelation. Not sure, which way is faster or the best way to navigate to several job locations through a web of detours or one way streets? FieldSherpa has you covered.

Analytics – Trip, Driver/Field Worker, Asset

FieldSherpa collects and analyzes data on a trip level, a driver/field worker level and an asset level. Running a business is hard work and you need to focus your time on driving business and shaping strategy, not on spreadsheets and data collection. FieldSherpa provides you and your key decision makers with data now, in real time. Make adjustments when a problem first is recognized.

Driver/Field Worker – In-app Navigation, Dynamic Routing Alerts, Proof of Service, Utilization and Productivity

FieldSherpa isn't just for managers to monitor fieldworkers and micromanage. FieldSherpa turns the fieldworkers into valuable assets and gives them the tools they need to manage and reactive effectively and efficiently. FieldSherpa allows workers to see in app navigation, when going to unfamiliar locations or when reacting to unforeseen traffic and road closures.

FieldSherpa keeps field workers connected to the office, in a simple app, allowing them access to up to date job and service requirements. Manager at lunch? No problem, FieldSherpa will allow for messages and alerts to be exchange, removing the need for long phone calls and voicemail tag.

FieldSherpa helps track important information like jobs completed, jobs left to complete, productivity targets and goals. It's handy for all members of the field service team.

Communication – In-app Messages and Alerts

FieldSherpa allows in-app messaging and alerts. Keep a record of all job related communication in one central place. No need for saving emails, redundant processes or lost text messages. FieldSherpa allows your company to deliver world class customer service, by streamlining your communication in one application. No more lost work orders or misdirected messages.