WHY FieldSherpa?

FieldSherpa is your choice, when:

Keeping track of your field jobs using spreadsheets leaves you dizzy-eyed

Spreadsheets eat up your valuable time and require constant review, editing and can still not provide you the information you need with a single swipe or key stroke. Even with multiple back ups, lost data and data entry mistakes cost you time and money. FieldSherpa does the data collection and creates easy to read reports in real time. Its dynamic interface allows for quick and careful planning all rolled into one.

You don’t want to spend money on dedicated vehicle tracking equipment

Dedicated in-vehicle tracking equipment is expensive and limits your tracking ability to just the vehicles equipped. This limits your ability to scale up and hire contract vehicles or subcontract when necessary. With FieldSherpa, the app is on your drivers or fieldworkers smartphone. The app is easily downloaded from the app store. No expensive equipment to mount in the vehicle, nothing to be stolen or broken.

You need to be on time, always

Your clients expect the very best and you must make it happen. Clients know time is money and they do not want to be waiting all day, with an “afternoon” time slot. They want real, actionable windows. Likewise, clients want to know you will do as contracted when delivering their goods or services. Being late just isn't an option. FieldSherpa tracks, organizes and analyzes all the logistical avenues your business takes.

You need to plan a route and stick to it

Time is money and poor logistical management can turn very quickly into a cost, when your drivers are wandering the streets or missing deadlines, due to traffic or poor route planning. FieldSherpa allows for careful planning and with its in-app navigation tools, rerouting when the unexpected happens.

Your routes have multiple job locations

As with dance, timing is everything or in this case sequencing is everything. FieldSherpa allows you the plan a sequence of deliveries, pick up or stops, with the touch of button or a swipe of a touch screen. No complicated spreadsheets. Likewise, when a client cancels a stop, it can quickly be removed and the entire sequence is edited to reflect the one constant in life-- change!

All your operational data is electronically stored eliminating paper trail

How many times has a log sheet or work order gone missing? Your drivers leave with a clipboard of important information and return with a page or two missing? What about the “oops, stop light, coffee meet clipboard phenomena?” With FieldSherpa, all the important tracking and client information is in the app and easily accessible from any mobile device or your desktop.

You constantly need to engage with your field workers

Change is the only constant. Even the best prepared routes, need to be dynamic. Paper and pencil routes and spreadsheets do not offer you the real world flexibility you need, to meet your clients needs and remain on budget. Instead of being reactive, FieldSherpa allows you to proactively course correct or build in a back up plan, with a few key strokes or swipes.